A new report from Barracuda Networks Inc.* has revealed that almost all businesses in the UK have dealt with a security issue since July 2021.

This shocking news is based on survey data reported by senior managers across the country. Disturbingly, cyber-attacks caused 9% of businesses to go into crisis as they lost control over their devices or locations, while nearly 40% were ‘moderately’ affected. Most organisations reported that their worst breach affected them for two days.

The most common type of security incident was web application attacks, while 29% of businesses encountered problems due to malicious external hardware and removable media. Around the same number ended up with supply chain troubles, while just over 30% scrambled to cope with remote access issues.

But why are the UK’s businesses facing such a challenging security landscape? Barracuda points to a turbulent geopolitical situation that’s making ‘critical infrastructure an attractive target for cybercriminals’.**

At the same time, security projects are often side-lined due to complications or cost factors, while the lack of multifactor authentication and network segmentation has made many businesses vulnerable. The good news is that more organisations are choosing to invest more in security measures that will help keep them and their customers safe.

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