Confused about business insurance?

We can help. Insurance can be a difficult industry to navigate, and rumours and myths don’t help! To clear things up, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequent myths and disproved them.

Myth: Public liability insurance isn’t necessary

Truth: While not required by law, public liability insurance is vital to safeguard your company against third-party claims.

Myth: You don’t need business insurance if you’re working from home

Truth: Most home insurance policies simply give minimum coverage and would not cover you for working from home. A good policy with proper coverage is preferable.

Myth: Business insurance is too expensive!

Truth: There are several companies who provide very reasonable costs for their insurance packages.

Myth: My business is too small to need insurance.

Truth: No business is immune to risk. Insurance can be personalised to your specific needs, ensuring that you never pay for more coverage than you require.


NIS Business Insurance Specialists can help you navigate through the world of business insurance and help you find the right policy for you.