Price is a major consideration, but it shouldn’t be the only one. Why? Because there are many levels of cover you may not know about, that may be more important to you.


This includes heirlooms, electronics and sports equipment. You can list these individually by describing them and estimating their value. You must ensure the single-item limit will cover your most expensive possession. It’s often capped at £1,500, so you must specify otherwise.

Gardens, frozen food, keys

This list may seem random, but it’s important. Buildings insurance covers garages/outhouses, but you should also check your contents coverage.

If you store excess food in a spare fridge/freezer, you need freezer content cover, especially if you can’t afford to replace it.

Accidental damage

Mishaps like damaged drains or someone crashing into your home are usually covered.

If that’s not enough, you can pay more for more coverage.

Again, this isn’t an exhaustive list…

Your insurers may require more. Therefore, it is important for you to understand what is required of you and your business.

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